Making the Wedding Easier for all...

Welcome to I have made this site mainly for the wedding details for myself Alex Brundrett and the bride to be Emma Wright (Emma Brundrett to be).

We are looking forward to the big day and hope that it is enjoyed by all our guests as much as us. Within this site you should hopefully find all the information for the big day but if not please do contact us.

We hope that you can make the big day and look forward to saying hello to you all once we are a married couple (one small step for man, or is it one big step for man).

I have also made a section just for us (non-wedding related) just to give you an idea of what we have been up to and is just about us...

Thank you for visiting

Plus the site is currently new and I am in the process of building pages but they should all be up soon.


  Alex and Emma blowing out candels